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What I've Been Up To....

I'm not dead! No, really! Unfortunately for VF, I just reached a point where time was not on my side. That said, I have managed to remain somewhat productive online--just not here. I urge you to enjoy the following links as I attempt to think of ways to keep the site updated more than every couple of months.


1) Killer Party

2) TC 2000

3) Bounty Hunters


1)  I Am Not A Hipster! (I Just Look, Sound and Act Like One)

2) Why I'm Not A Strip Club Dude

3) I'm A Guy Who Loves Romantic Comedies

Flick Attack:

1) Cotton Comes to Harlem

2) Penelope

3) Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

4) Going Ape!

5) Little Darlings

6) No Time For Sergeants

7) Cold Turkey

Beyond Vanity Fear

So I was able to watch The Arena this weekend, but didn't get a chance to write about it. In the meantime I thought I'd throw up three non-movie related links to posts I've recently written for xoJane, a really cool lifestyle website from Jane Pratt, the former publisher of Sassy and Jane magazine. They were all really fun to write and--best of all--I gots paid bitches!


1. I Worked Graveyard at a Sex Store

In which I describe a very interesting three month period of my life.


2. I'm a Short Guy

In which I describe the life of the not-tall.


3. I'm Always the Token Dude

In which I describe how I am frequently the only dude around.