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Repost - The Demon and Mary Marvel, A House of Glib Fumetti

A Tale of Love Found and Love Lost

There once was a very sad demon

Who was a touch overdramatic
One day he came upon a statue
of a beautiful young woman
And found what he had
always been looking for
There was just one problem
But it wasn't insurmountable....
Believing that there might
be a magical solution to his problem
the lovesick demon went to visit
a famous (and leggy) sorceress
But the sorceress wasn't convinced
and needed to hear more
This is what the sorceress
needed to hear
It took quite a long time,
but eventually the demon did everything
that the sorceress asked him to
and she gave him the spell he desired
Which (roughly) translated into English meant
His spell now cast
the demon waited anxiously
for it to take effect
Having recited the magical spell
he had sacrificed so much to learn,
the demon waited to see
if all his effort had been worth it
Minutes passed
and the statue did not move
And the demon feared
all his toil had been for naught....
That is until....
She began to stir!
The demon was overjoyed!
The statue....
Seemed to have
something else in mind....
Actually, make that
someone else....
The demon took it
as well as he could
No matter how pure
your love may be,
the hot girl is
going to pick
the taller douchebag