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I Hated Pieces to Pieces

Yesterday I realized all of my videos no longer could be viewed on the blog, so I've begun the process of re-uploading them to Vimeo, which I thought would serve as a good way to reintroduce them to those of you who have not witnessed their glory and majesty. 

First up is my vid for Pieces , a popular Euro-slasher that I happen to think is the rare horror film that is every bit as terrible and unjustifiable as critics of the genre claim all such films are. In the vid I make reference to "the people have spoken," which was my nod to the fact that I had a poll about what movie to review next on the blog at the time and Pieces  won with 3 votes.

I never ever claimed to be popular. 

Anyway, here's me trashing a movie a lot of people inexplicably love. Probably NSFW, unless you're feeling brave.

Vanity Fear Vlog - Werewolf Woman

Because absolutely no one asked for it, I've decided to post the occasional vlog review every now and then. I enjoy making them, even if it's clear no one enjoys watching them. Actually the main reason I threw this one together is because I wanted to test out the 1080p capabilities of my new iPhone 4S. As you can see I clearly need to work out the lighting issues. That said, this was by far the quickest vlog I've ever produced. It only took three and a half hours from the time I got the idea of doing it to having it available on YouTube. First person to comment, "Where did all of that time go?" will make me very, very sad.

The House of Glib Vlog Archive


Rather than repost each of my House of Glib Slasher Movie Vlog Reviews in its own seperate file, I've decided to just save myself some time and effort and throw them all together in one handy easy to find (and link to) post.  Scroll down to find your favourites, which are ordered chronologically by date of creation.


1) Posed For Murder


2) Killer Workout


3) Cheerleader Camp


4) Hospital Massacre


5) The Initiation


6) Open House


7) Slumber Party Massacre III


8) Pieces


9) The Last Slumber Party


10) Slaughter High


11) Cutting Class


12) Silent Rage